How a surprisingly simple 20-minute a day "meditation" technique can quickly create anything you want more of in life--including money, prosperity, love, health, adventure or even your soulmate...

Read On To Find Out Why “Clarity of Mind” Is Definitely The Key To Moving Forward To Your Goals (In Record Time)…

Hi. I’m Ed Lester the founder of Art of Optimism “Transformational Training Programs”...

And I’m proud to introduce you to Josh Roche of Quantum Mindfulness…

I can put my hand on my heart and tell you that reading this page is a must.

It’s particularly relevant to you if you ever feel:

If so, I believe we have a unique and exciting breakthrough for you right here today…

Watch this short video and see what Rebecca has to say.

She’s a professional therapist and coach and a successful businesswoman already. You’d think as someone so successful, she would only get small gains from a mindfulness training course. But as you can tell she’s amazed at how following on from the course, she had the most productive week of her life.

And she’s SINGING THE PRAISES about the benefits and the experience of learning from Josh Roche

Watch this short video to understand the magic of Josh’s mindfulness training method.

Here’s another short video. This one features Jane who describes the epiphany and “soul’s awakening” that she experienced after attending the same course.

For anyone who wants to reset their mind and feel more focused...proactive not reactive...or simply wants more positivity, energy and happiness…

Josh’s mindfulness techniques and tools are perfect.

But don’t think they’re just for healing and therapeutic outcomes.

Listen to what Todd, a professional, international sportsman has to say:

So. the only real question is…

Are YOU ready to truly be everything you can be too?

Because if you are this next step will be easy for you.

Bear with me a moment as I explain the step I’m going to recommend you take next…

One of the most talented trainers and motivational people I’ve ever met…

I want to introduce you to my good friend and trusted colleague, Josh Roche.

I’m generally a very intuitive person and I have to say the very first time I ever met Josh I said to myself “This guy is one of the most natural and gifted trainers and leaders I’ve ever met.”

And so it proved to be.

As well as being one of the most gifted fitness instructors and motivational experts in New Zealand, he genuinely is the ultimate mindfulness trainer. I mean that sincerely. And I assure you I’m talking on a global level.

We are truly blessed to have him living and teaching right here in New Zealand - And now I’m super excited to bring this international expert to the attention of our “Team Abundance” community.

From military elite to “mindful” monk...

Josh’s background is seven years in the military as an elite soldier. After having a massive epiphany and life changing experience just as he was about to sign up for the French Foreign Legion…

He changed course and went on a true spiritual quest traveling around India and the mystical East.

He became a monk…studied meditation, yoga and spirituality for years.

Upon returning to New Zealand, Josh set about realising his true purpose and mission in life—to help people achieve their potential and become authentic, inspirational leaders.

It’s 100% true - Josh Roche is the “Leader’s Leader”

Anyone can become clear minded, focused and supremely confident--and reap great rewards.

Following his amazing journey and in the years since, Josh’s biggest insight is this…

ANYONE can uncover their authentic gifts and talents and become the very best version of themselves...

It doesn’t matter if you’re quiet…kind…ambitious…a dreamer…an action taker…competitive… nature.

None of this matters.

The key…the true secret is that you can become successful by combining mindfulness skills with what I call your authentic and true “source code”.

In other words, live your life in a style that resonates with your core energies…beliefs…skills and experiences…and hidden passions and strengths.

So, following on from Josh’s core teaching that anyone can be the person they were born to be.

This means there really is only ONE question you need to ask yourself today…

“Are you ready to start becoming the most confident, passionate and successful version of yourself?”

Are you ready to:

Learning mindfulness from a trainer as talented as Josh Roche is something I recommend you seriously consider doing. (Sooner rather than later)

In my experience it will change your life forever.

And the really exciting news is that--if you’re ready--you can get started as soon as today!

Read the following invitation very carefully. It has the power to literally change your life...

Understand this…

Josh Roche is the real deal in every way. If he were to coach and mentor you personally, then you can rest assured, you’ll start achieving things you never thought possible. His coaching and mentoring clients enjoy great success.

I’ve met some of them and I’m impressed to say the least.

Up to now, however, it’s been virtually impossible to get onto Josh’s waiting list, let alone his client list.

But, for a select few of our graduates and students that’s all about to change...

Although Josh conducts his signature training 2 Day workshop “Quantum Mindfulness” in New Zealand up until now, that has been an expensive option when you include flights and travel costs.

But today, I can assure you I have GREAT news for anyone currently stuck or at a personal crossroads of confidence and direction.


Today I’m proud and delighted to announce a way for you to get started learning from Josh in the comfort of your own home...

Quantum Mindfulness
6 Week Online Training Course
Get Started Today!

Josh is offering the opportunity to join a small, motivated training group where you will be guided through the process of becoming a genuine, authentic mindful “leader”. It will be a breakthrough journey and the experience will last you a lifetime.

Here’s just a small selection of the powerful, transformational and life changing content Josh will be teaching you week-by-week during the online workshop experience:

Week 1
An Introduction to Quantum Mindfulness

  • Understand the benefits of mindfulness and how it can change your life in specific and delightful ways
  • Use the 5 Chains to intercept and overhaul the negative thought patterns and ingrained habits of the mind that are not serving you
  • How you can get yourself into the tranquil Eye of the Storm. Feel calm, focused and peaceful no matter what chaos is whirling around you
  • The secret to finding and harnessing Quantum Moments in day to day life so you have the confidence to do anything AND the ability to always be your own best friend in any situation
  • A simple “Breath Count” technique that will get you started on the exciting journey a head
  • By the end of this module, you will already be experiencing shifts and a sense of new possibilities and a gently growing confidence in your new mindfulness toolkit and abilities

Week 2
Powerful Mindful Communication

  • Change your communication ‘defaults’ so you can disengage from conflicts, arguments and stressful situations and not get sucked in
  • Handle pressure situations with ease and come out of those experiences with confidence and a clear, happy mind
  • Become the ‘Chooser of Your Thoughts’ instead of the ‘Hostage of Your Thoughts’.
  • Seize the best ideas, thoughts and opportunities as they come up. Access and develop your ‘Higher Mind Function’.
  • Develop better relationships with everyone you know and meet. Communicate and relate to others in a masterful way.
  • Use Power Words and Mantras to make your meditations 10 times more effective, enjoyable and enriching.

Week 3
The Re-set

  • Learn how to let go and reset anytime you need to
  • Spend more of your time in flow and creative, conscious awareness
  • Quickly recognise and snap out of brooding or unproductive states
  • Create the muscle memory of success and optimism whilst releasing all frustrations and setbacks
  • Become more proactive and stay ahead of ‘Life’s Curve’
  • Master the Art of Directed Thinking and make long term positive, life-enhancing choices and changes

Week 4
Becoming Mentally Stronger and Taking Mindfulness to the Next Level

  • Extend your daily mindfulness practice… Re-wire Your Brain and develop exciting new neural connections (Neuroplasticity)
  • Develop Emotional Strength & Stamina and an entirely new frame of what’s possible your life
  • Understand the process of transformation and turning any obstacle or event around 180 degrees
  • Go after any goal wholeheartedly and from a place of Source Code and Authenticity
  • Experience a powerful technique which allows you to feel confident and comfortable with any upcoming challenge, obstacle or difficult conversation

Week 5
Design Your Perfect Life & Lifestyle (and Live in a Consistent State of Flow)

  • You will now be noticing definite progress in all areas of daily life (plus occasional Transcendent Moments)
  • You will have a feeling of releasing and finally letting go of old, painful memories, thoughts and experiences
  • How to Detox the Mind completely and to cease chasing unresourceful thoughts and feelings
  • Gain a fresh perspective and create blissful healing solutions
  • Remove all conflicts and friction from your life

Week 6
Bringing It All Together and Helping Others (in a personal or professional capacity)

  • The world is struggling with a depression and self-esteem epidemic. You will have the tools to help others become happier and more in control of their lives.
  • Help family, friends and clients reach a new level of self-awareness and fulfillment
  • Help people change their stories so they can change their lives
  • Combine mindfulness practitioner techniques with your other skills, qualifications and passions to create an irresistible business/career proposition
  • Finally Quit the Comparison Game… develop a strong self-relationship and help others do the same
  • Move on from here to a life of true purpose, passion and Mindful Living

Special Bonus! - Learn from Josh Roche in Person on Live “Zoom Training Calls”

As well as the 6 week “Study in Your Own Home” online program, Josh is also going to be sharing a series of live online meetings to which you will be personally invited (plus you’ll get the recording links and lifetime access if you can’t be there live).

Here are some of the upcoming dates and locations:

Auckland - 30th November & 1st December

Wellington - 14th & 15th March 2020

Christchurch - 9th & 10th May 2020

Here are just some of the things you can look forward to experiencing on these transformational and thoroughly enjoyable online workshops…

Read what people are saying about Josh’s training...

Josh​ Roche has dedicated his life to inspiring individuals to take it to the edge and beyond. His proven dedication and discipline with the New Zealand Special Forces and as a Monk in India, brings great wisdom of self-mastery, self-control and self-government to the forefront of his delivery and authentic teachings on one’s abilities and determination to achieve great heights with the mind, body, soul. Josh Roche...will give you enormous insight...that will have you reaching like never before.​​

Dee Petit, Teacher ~ Coach ~ Networker @

Josh is certainly an extraordinary man with a wealth of knowledge and intense experiences to call upon to make his training interesting, relevant and believable to any participant. It was a valuable opportunity for me to safely explore my own...qualities, reinforce beliefs and dispel doubts and limitations. Definitely authentic in his style, he encourages others to step up to his level of integrity and develop their own styles. Josh has much to offer and I look forward to hearing how his Coaching/Training career continues to develop as he will without doubt spread his positive effect on all those who cross his path.

Belinda Gunson, Co-Director, Agri-Business, NZ

It was amazing, the collective energy in the room was electric. I took away so many golden nuggets of wisdom. I had multiple breakthroughs and it was highly valuable to understand the combination of modalities required to bring the mind, body and soul into balance, in order to achieve our desires. I’ve progressed already by expressing my desires for the future with a couple of contacts and am seeking out new opportunities. I truly feel ready to take on some new experiences that I know will stretch me out of my comfort zone, but will also help me grow and edge me closer to the person I’d like to be.

Amy Willoughby

Josh is so inspirational, I love how he draws from amazing, interesting, unique life experiences to teach and inspire. His shared stories bring the teaching to life in a very passionate, authentic, memorable way. Josh's teaching style is professional yet relaxed. He has a warmth, sincerity and humility that makes him very approachable and open to deeper discussions and questions. I’m feeling so grateful on so many levels for this course, incredible insights, learnings and "aha" moments for me.

I’ve gained clarity and confidence from Josh's wisdom and knowledge...I've taken big steps forward within 3 days of finishing the course on both a personal and professional level. Also the group experience adds so much more than reading or watching something on the computer. So valuable to share the experience with other like minded amazing people. We shared on deep levels and made real connections.

A truly life changing and valuable experience. I would love to see this wisdom shared widely for everyone who wants to be their best selves and thrive in their life's calling in an authentic meaningful way. I wish you all the best Josh with sincere heartfelt thank you.

Michelle Plaisted

All I can say is wow. It’s been four days since I finished Josh's training and I’m still buzzing with excitement and ideas. His approach is fantastic, authentic and easy to follow no matter what level you are at and most importantly relevant to all modern social and business models. His course material is in depth and to the point and has many practical aspects to it, but never overwhelming which was nice for a change.

For me though the best part was when he went off script and talked about his story and how this formed and impacted his personal style and the many people along the way who have influenced this. Listening to Josh's story was worth the price alone. I found Josh to be very generous with his knowledge, time and energy and he created an environment that allowed everyone in the class to feel involved and important.

His inclusive style left you feeling like nothing was impossible and I have already included two of Josh's strategies in my business this week with great results. Life changing…

Darrin Skeet

It was so uplifting, rewarding and inspirational and to be around like minded people. Knowing that there is a better way for us all to have a growth mind set. Josh led the course with great Energy, Passion and Empathy. "Walking the talk". Such great resources he provided which lead to amazing discussions! Very inspirational indeed! Thank you Josh. I came back with the consolidation of my Purpose Passion and Beliefs, confidently moving in my new direction and knowing ALL WILL ALWAYS BE WELL.

Glenys Murphy

Josh has a unique combination of skills and talents from his time spent in the army's top special unit to the time he spent as a monk. From this he has developed a whole mind - body - spirit approach to life and leadership - whereby "everyone has each other’s back".
I loved listening to his "extreme" experiences and the methods he used at the top level of the military. Josh is a passionate speaker and engages people through his story telling of real-life adventures in the military and monk training in India. This way of living is extremely tough by normal standards. He has developed resilience and discipline of mind, body and spirit to reach targets and desired outcomes, by pushing yourself to the limit through using the whole mind - conscious, subconscious and super conscious.I loved his very humanistic and caring approach to the world we live in. I felt energised afterwards and motivated to pursue my goals.

Kushla Taylor

Josh's energy is infectious. He really embodies his teachings. I loved the Calm Positive/operating system piece it has and will be my focus for the next few weeks. I really dig Josh's style and will continue to work with them.

Jae Walford

How much will the course cost?

The great thing about this training program is that the value and return on investment is so clear to see.

For business owners, an influx of new clients… a new exciting training workshop...a popular online business or personal development program taking off...a promotion or financial opportunity…

For anybody, loving new relationships...a clear positive focused “mind like water” breakthroughs...elevated energy levels and upgraded vibrational mindset...renewed health and vitality levels...

Any one of these possible outcomes will quickly add a lot of revenue and new possibilities to your professional and personal life.

And any one of them is more than likely after you’ve been through Josh’s training and mentoring process.

I can honestly say this is a training experience that should be valued in excess of $1500 to $2000 - And it would be the opportunity of a lifetime at that.

But because this is a new venture for Josh and he’s keen to work with a small handful of committed and action-orientated individuals, you get an even more irresistible offer.

The price for Josh’s 6 week Quantum Mindfulness Digital Course + the upcoming Live Online “In Person” Power Meetings…is just $350

And wait... It gets even better!

For anyone signing up in the next few days for this pilot training group and attending - The 6 week Quantum Mindfulness Digital Course AND the Live In-Person “Zoom Workshops”…

I hope you’ll sign up today and confirm your place on the program.

I can promise you it will be a training experience to savour and cherish!

Ed Lester
Founder of Art of Optimism "Transformational Training Courses"

PS This is a unique opportunity. The kind that doesn’t come along that often...

As this is the pilot program, Josh will be keeping the numbers very low.

If you’re keen to be a part of this exclusive group of new Quantum Mindfulness Experts then now is the time to act.

With this training, a whole new path opens up to you. You can expect to feel more belief and passion about yourself...your work and your value in the world than you ever have before.

You can leave past disappointments and doubt behind forever.

By committing to your future dreams now, you get to ensure that 2020 is, without doubt, going to be your best year ever!

For anyone signing up in the next few days for this pilot training group and attending - The 6 week Quantum Mindfulness Digital Course AND the Live In-Person “Zoom Workshops”…