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I spent 8 weeks studying Mindfulness at The London School of Meditation. I feel I got more value in two days from Josh than I did in 8 weeks. I love Josh’s style of teaching, he gives simple tools which make it easy to incorporate your Mindfulness practice into your daily life. I feel that with regular practice I can change my mind and change my life.

Claudette Gray

Well since the course I have been practicing meditation every day for 20 mins in the morning.
I seem to feel calmer and am experiencing mediation how I've never been able to experience it before, and some days it’s like time stops allowing everything to be achieved that needs to be achieved in that day.  It’s been amazing and quite unbelievable! Just seem to be enjoying life in a whole new way!

Nerissa Cameron

Olivia, Life Coach

Mindfulness was priceless in her pregnancy.

“I didn’t previously know how to achieve the things I wanted to achieve”

Jo, Personal Trainer, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist

(Helping her clients (and teenage son) to “reset” and improve their thought habits”

Intercepting thoughts that aren’t serving us in our day to day lives - GOLD.

Calm, clear, peaceful!

Tatiana, Seismologist

(She’s now much less reactive. She’s connecting with herself on a much deeper level)

I wanted to go deeper than my previous mindfulness training. After this course, I REALLY started to understand a life-changing experience.

Iain, Professional Hypnotherapist And Trainer

(Didn’t “get” mindfulness but now uses it in his everyday life and is loving it)

I can’t recommend Josh’s course enough. It’s absolutely a MUST.

Josh was very personable and approachable. The course was just what I was looking for. His stories were full of humanity. The meditations were powerful and easy to follow . He kept us all engaged and we all felt like we could have carried on for a few more days. Thanks Josh.

Sue Beach

Todd Astle, Professional Sportsman

In both his family life and cricketing career

Has noticed huge benefits from having detached present-moment awareness

Great weekend. Inspiring and heartfelt work. The application of mindfulness in a purposeful fashion is gold dust. I very quickly gained a huge confidence in my ability to practice mindfulness and to use it as a tool with others. Coming across this course was one of life’s little miracles that happen when you open yourself up to change. I feel I have developed a solid base for growth in way which has surprised me. Josh offers a steady and powerful presence from which we can only gain. Highly recommend this to anyone who seeks personal mastery and the truth of their life.

Martyn Williamson

Tracey Fisher

Hypnobirthing Practitioner - Stress doesn’t affect her as it did in the past... she is less tired and has more energy to care for and support others betters. Now teaches Mindfulness techniques to her hypnobirthing clients

Josh is a very engaging and inspiring speaker. His background speaks volumes for his life experience. His topic, "Mindfulness" and his style is able to align head/heart and gut learning synergistically. Throw in some humour and allowing participants to share made this course a very invaluable course to attend for me.

Timothy Lee

Sue Beach

Mindfulness helped her understand and overcome her PTSD

I suddenly felt open

Josh's presentation flowed in a seamless and sequential manner, punctuated by authentic anecdotes and practical opportunities for us to experience and adapt various Mindfulness techniques for ourselves. I found this added another dimension to previous Life Coaching skills. In the week following the course, after receiving some upsetting news, I was able to use controlled breathing to quickly go to a calm and detached space, thus avoiding a lot of unnecessary anxiety and a potentially emotive and unproductive response. This alone is a very powerful tool I intend to take with me into my future to help me think more critically and constructively when navigating Life's assorted minefields. I intend to use my breathing to not only increase my self awareness in different situations, but also to enhance my awareness of the subtleties at play in my communication with others.

Marie Montgomery

Liz Williamson

Healthcare Practitioner who uses Mindfulness

all the time to help patients who are stressed

Josh is an amazing tutor.  His presentation, clarity and life examples were really uplifting and encouraging.
Apart from learning breathing techniques and the advantages of this, I was so excited to learn about the Reticular Activating System, it was to me the link that joins all other modalities and interests I have acquired over the years.  I am so looking forward to putting this into practice and telling as many people as I can about this amazing piece of our brain, that until now I knew nothing about. Thank you Josh for such an incredible weekend, it has propelled me into being serious about what I am doing and cant recommend enough your course.

Pamela Nelson

Jane Robins

Experienced a profound moment during meditation and has seen the benefits flow over into her work life

My soul was awakened

Right from the start was clarification of what mindfulness was and wasn’t.
We were quickly into the practice which was a breath of light in itself.
The simple formula he gave,  was the keystone for our practice both then and now.
It has become my regular habit due to his key simple distinctions.
What is different is greater and immediate acesss  to more relaxation and peace of mind.
Josh is an inspirational and a spiritual man, which makes what he brings even more valuable for me, and clearly the others.

Michael Meade

Amy Willoughby

Mindfulness has opened up more professional opportunities, helped to overcome her fear of public speaking and given her the power to stay calmer and more in control.

I’ve used it in workshops and clients have found it invaluable.

I enjoyed Josh’s life experience. I have shared this with my wife, practiced with my exercise group today of 16 people who all loved it and [am] meditating 30 minutes each day with my wife. Totally love it and will now be apart of my every day life.

Richard S Cooper

Rebecca Cragnolini, Mindset Consultant

Committed to Josh’s challenge of 20 minutes meditation per day after the course and

could not believe what a productive week it was.

I was skeptical going into the weekend but after completing the weekend I have more of an understanding of how mindfulness & meditation works. Josh has compelled me to give it an honest try. He is inspiring and I really love the feeling of going down in the elevator to borrow his metaphor. It doesn't last long at the moment but its like a feel good drug and I'm keen to experience more.

Anne Brunton

It was a fantastic couple of days understanding the applied mindfulness techniques and information that will be transferable for my learnings and teachings. Very worthwhile and enjoyable.



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