7 Ways Mindfulness Can Start Changing Your Life For The Better...Today!

Hi, I’m Josh Roche, Founder and Training Director of Quantum Mindfulness NZ.

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Meanwhile, I want to share some ways you can use mindfulness techniques (and daily mindfulness practise) to have a rapid and profound impact in your life.

1: Commit To Creating Financial Abundance and A Life of Freedom

Mindfulness practice creates a very clear “mind like water”. And that gives you the profound ability to focus on long term projects and goals.

In Tim Ferrris's book "Tribe of Mentors" he describes interviews he has carried out with many of the most successful people on earth. Shockingly, nearly 100% of those interviewees declare that they carry out some kind of daily meditative practice.

In fact, many of them explain how meditation, and the practice of mindfulness, are the one abundance-creating skill they wish they’d discovered much earlier.

No wonder so many mindfulness experts are puzzled why everybody doesn’t learn this skill and why it isn’t part of our mainstream education system.

Rest assured, the time you invest in creating your own mindfulness practice will pay huge dividends in both your personal and professional life.

And the greatest gift of all, “personal abundance and freedom” will soon be yours for the taking.


Quantum Mindfulness Discover the Skills to Dramatically Enhance Your Life — and Help Others Do the Same

2: Get More Clarity - Craft Your Vision and Life Plan

If you’ve ever struggled understanding which path to take in life, Mindfulness can help.

In terms of clarity...direction...planning and simply making great decisions, this tool has the un-paralleled ability to align you with your core passions and directives. In other words, those feelings and intuitions that give you glimpses of your true purpose.

Mindfulness clears away the “internal noise and chatter” and grants you the vision of what your life needs to look once you’ve discovered and followed your authentic life path.

There are few things more satisfying than knowing you are aligned, in flow and “following your bliss”.


Quantum Mindfulness Discover the Skills to Dramatically Enhance Your Life — and Help Others Do the Same

3: Overcome Stress And Experience More Calm and Peace

Having come from an extremely high pressure and high risk lifestyle as a soldier, I can personally vouch for the profound benefits of calmness that come with daily meditation.

Because mindfulness soon gives you a highly developed level of self-awareness, you become very skilled at identifying when you are starting to feel unbalanced and stressed. And you have the associated skills to quickly navigate back to peace, calm and well being.

That internal thermostat that controls your sense of balance and flow is extremely powerful and not to be underestimated.

When you can achieve a sense of calm and equilibrium as a natural habit--and you can take that ability and state into day to day life--you’ll notice everything starting to change. Including an ability to shrug off problems and concerns and to drift into a state of flow and wellbeing whenever you need to.


Quantum Mindfulness Discover the Skills to Dramatically Enhance Your Life — and Help Others Do the Same

4: Enrich All Your Relationships (Present And Future)

As you progress with our mindfulness journey one of the things you’ll notice is that you become way less reactive. And much more proactive...

As the old habit patterns of the mind begin to get “found out” you’ll start to see how you present yourself to others. And if things are not what you want them to be, you can simply get focused and create new patterns and connections.

The result?

You quickly develop the ability to hold, honour, and respect another's perspective that may be different to your own. You become more flexible and irresistible to others. Fun and enjoyable to be around.

In other words. You become irresistibly attractive to those you’re in contact with it. You’ll find yourself enjoying much richer relationships with friends, family and new people you get to know.

Things will never be the same once you spark that new connection and internal relationship with yourself which, in turn, allows you to shine your true light to the world.

Powerful stuff indeed!


Quantum Mindfulness Discover the Skills to Dramatically Enhance Your Life — and Help Others Do the Same

5: Live In A High Vibration of Happiness, Fulfillment And Gratitude

As a practicing Monk,  I was taught a milestone we should all be aware of with our Mindfulness practice.Namely, just how long we spend ruminating and brooding on non-productive and painful states.

You’ll experience an organic and very pleasing internal process once you have practiced your mindfulness skills regularly. Your mind and emotions will become naturally repelled by those corrosive inner environments and you’ll start to resonate more and more with optimism and enthusiasm.

The actual switching of vibrations from negative to positive is something I’ve seen with clients again and again over the years.

I confidently predict you’ll experience the same shifts too.

So no matter what your regular “energy vibration” right now, you’re going to find it trending higher and higher with every day you practice applied mindfulness.


Quantum Mindfulness Discover the Skills to Dramatically Enhance Your Life — and Help Others Do the Same

6: Boost Your Health, Wellbeing and Vitality

One of the most studied effects of Mindfulness is stress relief. It takes an incredible amount of effort to get through the day when we’re suffering with feelings of stress and anxiety.

We become burned out and exhausted. And the effect on our health can be both damaging and dangerous.

Mindfulness practice is like a massage for our minds. It unravels the built up tension and washes away the pressures and hassles of the day.

The health benefits and value are profound and they compound over time.

Use mindfulness skills for 20 minutes a day and expect to feel energised, strong, clear and focused. And expect your mind and body to positively thank you.


Quantum Mindfulness Discover the Skills to Dramatically Enhance Your Life — and Help Others Do the Same

7: Achieve Your Perfect Level Of Fitness, Your Weight and Overall Self-Confidence

One of the biggest benefits of consistent mindfulness practice is how it shifts your self perception.

If you have ever experienced struggles with your weight, your fitness levels or your lifestyle choices...expect dramatic improvements.

Applied Mindfulness can guide us away from limiting self beliefs and toward taking positive, inspired action.

Sitting for a daily meditation also builds discipline, and this creates positive outcomes in all areas of life.

I’ve always said that if you can naturally grow your self confidence and belief to sky high levels then you can achieve anything.

So start learning mindfulness today and you really can expect miracles in your life.


Quantum Mindfulness Discover the Skills to Dramatically Enhance Your Life — and Help Others Do the Same

Josh is an outstanding trainer. His life journey is fascinating and he is not only 'technically' very knowledgeable, he is also personally very warm, supportive and engaging.

Debbie Gee

It was a fantastic couple of days understanding the applied mindfulness techniques and information that will be transferable for my learnings and teachings. Very worthwhile and enjoyable.

Todd Astle

I spent 8 weeks studying Mindfulness at The London School of Meditation. I feel I got more value in two days from Josh than I did in 8 weeks. I love Josh’s style of teaching, he gives simple tools which make it easy to incorporate your Mindfulness practice into your daily life. I feel that with regular practice I can change my mind and change my life.

Claudette Gray

Amazing!  His life experiences are epic presented in a positive uplifting authentic way informative current with a vast well of knowledge of different worlds.  It really helped my alternative and scientific brain to connect... he is able to switch levels easily and is a great motivational speaker. It was not how I expected the course to be, however it was so much better... practical along with the theory to back it up with a workable program to teach others. Powerful stuff  - thank you Josh!

Deborah Low

The weekend of Mindfulness was awesome and Josh was inspiring and a great coach. We were made to feel very relaxed and there was nothing we could do wrong which is important as there is always that slight anxiety of stuffing up when you do a course. Going forward for me is to practice it every day as if I cant fix ME then how can I help others as a coach to also reach their potential. Learning to slow down is life changing.

Leanne Simays

My experience with Josh on the 2 day Mindfulness course gave me the kickstart I needed to really delve into this area and immerse myself with knowledge. This whole week since the course I have been fully involved in meditating, something I had always been too scared to allow myself to do. Josh taught us that practice is the key and that thoughts are like waves that arise and pass away. Letting go of past hurts and learning that it is ok and safe was the best revelation that I had during the weekend. I am excited to continue learning on this journey and to use these techniques with my clients. I thoroughly recommend Josh and this course.

Louise Eder


Quantum Mindfulness Discover the Skills to Dramatically Enhance Your Life — and Help Others Do the Same