“Mindfulness PowerTalk”
with Josh Roche and Ed Lester

“Mindfulness PowerTalk”
with Josh Roche and Ed Lester

Listen to the Presentation and Josh’s Incredible Stories

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Presentation Highlights

0:01:24 Using mindfulness as a way to increase awareness, stay calm and focused even in the most stressful of situations

0:04:30 How to have "genuine happiness" in your life

0:06:15 What exactly is "mindfulness"? What's the difference between awareness, mindfulness and meditation? How do we experience mindfulness in our day to day lives?

0:08:20 Creative Mindfulness Tools you’ll find particularly useful

0:08:40 The step beyond basic awareness

0:08:55 A short real world example of Quantum Mindfulness in action

0:11:30 How to get centered using awareness, mindfulness and meditation

0:12:30 How to use quantum mindfulness to get you through a challenging moment--Josh shares an amazing story to learn from

0:22:05 How to get into the quantum space quickly and easily

0:22:45 How to deal with feelings after a destructive relationship

0:28:24 The transformational ripple effects of meditation

0:29:01 Meditation and neuroplasticity

0:30:12 How to reconfigure your brain

0:31:10 Examples of how deep you can take mindfulness and meditation

0:32:30 How even “normal people” carry around PTSD trauma and energy blocks in their lives

0:34:50 Using neuroplasticity to heal from PTSD

0:35:30 Why meditation must be a daily habit

0:42:30 Applying Mindfulness and Meditation to the practitioner’s toolkit (priceless for anyone in the health, wellness and healing industries)

0:52:01 Quantum Mindfulness possibilities and opportunities revealed...

0:52:30 Why our conscious mind has us on lockdown

0:53:45 The natural set point for quantum mindfulness

0:54:00 Using depth awareness, mindfulness, meditation and affirmations to help someone heal and succeed in life (Josh shares his personal cancer experience)

1:05:45 How to overcome the fear of public speaking using mindfulness

1:11:01 The DIY multi-dimensional tool you can make your own

1:12:45 The measuring stick - how you know quantum-level mindfulness is effective

1:13:50 How to "Be Your Own Best Friend" using tools like quantum mindfulness

1:15:01 Using the Hero's Journey and the quests to shape your destiny

1:17:00 How to develop the courage and self-belief to do what you want in life

1:19:01 What should a person do if they don't believe in themselves

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