About Josh Roche and the Training School

Josh has been embodying mindfulness practices for 20 years, first as a soldier serving in small handpicked Reconnaissance teams in the Army, and later living as a renunciate monk for 3 years.

Josh developed the principles covered in the course first as a soldier serving in small, specialised handpicked Reconnaissance and Surveillance teams in the New Zealand army. Working in small 4 man teams gathering intelligence in isolated and demanding environments meant being able to remain very calm and focused was a prerequisite. These foundational experiences provide the bedrock and source material for Josh’s unique perspective on Applied Mindfulness.

After leaving the military Josh immersed himself in the ashram experience in India, living as a monk for three years. During this time he steeped himself in meditation, yoga and learned formal Mindfulness Practices. This period deepened his understanding of the mind and how our perceptions shape our experience.

In the years since, Josh has continued to travel the world, studying and learning from the very best in a diverse range of physical and mental training methodologies to complement these earlier experiences. Further to this Josh has also undergone 10, silent Vipassana retreats, and has been practising meditation for 20 years.

Josh spends his spare time with his wonderful partner and daughter and challenges himself constantly with hard physical training along with skydiving, mountaineering, rock climbing and mountain biking.

He is extremely passionate about what he does and embodies what he teaches. He has lived the subject matter for over 20 years, and as a result, has experienced many successes and breakthroughs in his personal and professional life. This gives Josh a deep well of experiences and stories to draw on to illustrate and enliven his training.  His teaching style is engaging, enthusiastic, professional, uplifting and inspiring.

“Coaching and presenting these ideas and methodologies to my clients has helped them to, among many other things, move away from victimhood, relate positively to themselves, step into higher positions at work, face long term challenge well, develop confidence, start businesses, achieve high level goals in athletics and fitness and relate positively to others. I believe life is best when it is being lived.”

“There is a huge difference between knowing the path and walking the path”.



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